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The European Commission has its say: EU trade marks post-Brexit

On 28 February 2018, the European Commission released its draft withdrawal agreement setting out a proposal on the arrangements for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU (Withdrawal Agreement). The full text of the Withdrawal Agreement can be viewed here: European Commission’s Draft Withdrawal Agreement dated 28 February 2018 (see Title IV on Intellectual … Continue reading

Canadian pizza battle goes to trademark registrant

The value of reliance on a trade-mark registration, as opposed to prior use, stands out sharply in the recent Federal Court of Appeal of Canada case Pizzaiolo Restaurants Inc. v. Les Restaurants La Pizzaiolle Inc. ( 2016 FCA 256 October 28, 2016). Here the applicant Pizzaiolo Restaurants Inc. had filed two applications PIZZAIOLO and PIZZAIOLO … Continue reading

EU trade mark law reforms

10 things to know As we previously reported in January 2016, the European Commission decided in 2008 that a review of the functioning of the trade mark system in Europe was required in order to further harmonise the national laws of Member States, streamline procedures, facilitate cooperation between Member States, support anti-counterfeiting and to better … Continue reading