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A new domain: International entities may have met their (exact) match

Overview On 12 April 2021, new rules came into place which affect the,, and namespaces in the .au domain. The new rules apply to all names created, transferred, or renewed on or after 12 April 2021. They were introduced by .au Domain Administration (auDA) to consolidate the 30+ policies previously in … Continue reading

Passing off as Parsons: Injunction and Damages Granted to Halt Phishing Website

Last week, in Parsons Inc. v Khan, 2021 FC 57, the Federal Court found the owner of a phishing website liable for passing itself off as the Applicants’, Parsons Corporation and Parsons Inc. (“Parsons”). Parsons, a multinational engineering and construction firm with a Canadian subsidiary, has applied-for and used, but not yet registered, the PARSONS … Continue reading

Domain Names and Online Trademarks: When is a Consumer Confused?

As more businesses move online, the value and importance of domain names and online trademark enforcement grows. The Superior Court of Quebec has reaffirmed that a confusing domain can land your business in legal trouble. The dispute arose between the unregistered trademark of Cabanons Mirabel, and confusing domain names chosen by a competitor. Cabanons Mirabel … Continue reading