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Protecting Australian brands in China

Summary China continues to emerge as one of the most important intellectual property (IP) destinations for Australians, having overtaken the US and New Zealand as Australia’s predominant destination market for Australian trade marks filed overseas in 2011. With the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) coming into force last year, China is now Australia’s largest trading … Continue reading

Blatant Infringement? Chinese brand “Uncle Martian” mirrors “Under Armour” logo

Chinese sports manufacturer Fujian Tingfeilong Sports Goods Co. Ltd., recently launched a sports clothing and footwear brand under the name “Uncle Martian.” But for their unoriginal logo, the launch of the brand would not have otherwise captured media headlines. Photos from Uncle Martian’s launch went viral as the brand’s logo was revealed. Image source: Uncle … Continue reading

Chinese trade mark decision creates greater certainty for manufacturers

There has been ongoing uncertainty over whether brand owners who manufacture branded goods in China, but do not sell those products in China, could infringe a Chinese trade mark registration held by a third party in that country. A recent Supreme People’s Court (SPC) decision clarifies that applying a trade mark to goods in China … Continue reading