For more than two years, the Brand Protection Blog has posted timely information to help you promote and safeguard your brands in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Today we re-launch the Brand Protection Blog with a new look and tools to help you get the information you need more even more efficiently.

If that wasn’t reason enough, here are the top 10 reasons to read our new and improved blog:

  1. We’re easy to use. Our new format makes is easier to find the content you want.
  2. We’re a resource. Our searchable archives are a bank of useful information
  3. We’re timely. Legal developments happen fast.  We’re on top of the most important changes and issues.
  4. We’re concise.
  5. We’re selective. There’s a lot of legal chaff.  We find and report the wheat.
  6. We’re practical. Our contributors are experienced attorneys who practice day in and day out in the areas about which they write.
  7. We’re insightful. We don’t just report the legal developments, we explain why they’re important to brand owners and what their implications may be.
  8. We aren’t pigeon-holed. We understand that ‘brand protection’ covers broad and diverse range of matters important to you.
  9. We write in plain English (and many other languages besides)—not in legal jargon.
  10. We’re global. Your brands are everywhere and so are we. We report on local developments in a global context.

So, take a look around.  We think you’ll like what you read.