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“Sue me already” – Analyzing Kanye’s (In)Famous Video (Part III)

Over the past week, the Brand Protection Blog has reviewed the different legal claims unwitting stars of Kanye West’s “Famous” video might assert the rap artist. In Part I, we analyzed claims for Trademark Infringement. In Part II, we took a look at claims for False Endorsement. Today, we consider whether the “Famous” video violates celebrities’ rights … Continue reading

Fifth Circuit Cites Laches as Properly Barring Recovery of Monetary Damages in Trademark Infringement Suit

Last Thursday, a panel of the Fifth Circuit affirmed a ruling from the Northern District of Texas partially enjoining a Texas company’s sale of ceremonial paddles decorated with the unlicensed insignia of 32 fraternities and sororities. In the lower court, a jury found the college organizations were lax in seeking to enforce their trademark rights … Continue reading

From Keywords to Naked Licensing: Notable Trademark Law Developments and Trends

On August 21, Fulbright IP attorney Christopher Kindel presented at the Austin Intellectual Property Law Association luncheon. Discussing “From Keywords to Naked Licensing,” Kindel gave an update on notable trademark law developments and trends. To view his presentation, visit the Austin IPLA web site and download his presentation.… Continue reading

Creative Commons License 4.0 comment period expires September 2012

Creative Commons, a “global nonprofit organization dedicated to the sharing and reusing of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools,” has published the second draft of its Creative Commons licenses (the “CC Suite”), dubbed “4.0.” The CC Suite is a set of free copyright licenses granting permission to licensees to use and adapt content, including … Continue reading